About Us

Our mission is to establish a paperless office for everyone.
We build software so that clients can focus on their core job.
We seek to provide effectiveness and efficiency through the promotion
of innovative and flexible integrated technology.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve the ultimate goal of ease of business through scalable, affordable, and secured technology along with continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.
Our core values – To build a strong, trusting relationship with its employees, stakeholders, and customers. To respect each other and work together with the system to achieve growth and profitability. To follow the principle of innovation and constantly improve.


Electronic Document Management Software provides a total changeover from traditional method physical movements to digital transformation, documents one desk to another for the various validation and approvals. Management activities around documents may include the capture, collaboration, creation, editing, control, and distribution of scanned and electronic documents. Document management systems are becoming more important as it becomes increasingly obvious that the paperless office is an ideal that may never be achieved. Instead, the goal is to create a system that can handle paper and electronic documents together. Application with Scanning solutions with OCR facility.


Business process management Module atomizes frequently using process within the organization, same will leads to allows more transparency and accountability within the organization. The users to keep frequently used forms, i.e. leave application form/purchase orders and so on. Users can download to the local computer and enter the relevant information uploaded to the dashboard Inbox and send for approvals.BPM can convert any manual process to software (AntrixBPM). Any form can be converted into iPDF format (interactive PDF). Interactive PDF has the following option: Checkboxes, radio buttons dropdowns, Remarks and validations, Application with Scanning solutions with OCR facility. All documents are stored in centralized storage in an encrypted format with powerful user access controls.


AntrixAIT is an internal audit inspection tool, Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA) is expected to be an aid to the enduring risk management in banks by providing the essential checks and balances in the system. The application is developed based on the RBIA concept and it incorporates guidelines of the government. AntrixAIS put in a nutshell various modules such as Branch Inspection, Application Software Audit, Circle Office Audit, Regional Office Audit, Concurrent Audit, and Quarterly Income Audit. major objects as follows

Our approach: “Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control”

Takira solutions were founded in 2008 with a strong social commitment to encourage green offices. Having more than one decade of experience in the overseas and domestic market. Our dedicated team over time can reengineer any complex process to software-based easy to use process management. No matter the size of the organization large corporate houses, small, medium-range of companies, Banks, Cooperative banks, and financial institutions, Takira solutions is having a wide range of dynamic product lines to suit their requirements.
We are masters in re-engineering process digitalization. Over the years Takira introduced many new utility products fitting into a range of industries. By using the latest technologies Takira offers the most economical and secure way of transformation. We guarantee security and transparency in each activity. Our products offer the ultimate answer for the reengineering process digitalization for any industry