Case Study

Client: A leading Nationalized Bank’s Treasury Department


Problem Area:

Digitalization of Treasury process flows and DMS

Our Solution:

All treasury transactions were converted from manual process to software driven centralized process. Now the Treasury department is a full-fledged paperless office. Our solution has been enhanced with a two-way seamless integration with the CBS application. The project is designed for utilization by approximately 10000 branch users and 250 users in CPCFT.


  • After implementation the processing time for one transaction in the system
    reduced to 20 minutes with proper security and transparency
  • After implementation the processing time for one transaction in the system reduced to 20 minutes with proper security and transparency
  • Standardization of forms (iPDF)
  • Minimum data entry
  • Increased productivity
  • Visibility to top management
  • Real time performance assessment and accountability


The system is operating well for the last 2 years and we acquired a project extension to Net banking integration for the same Application.

Client : Empower


Empower is a 100% Dubai Government undertaking company and leading district cooling system company in the world.

Problem Area:

Vast amount of documentation requiring DMS and the need for automations as to move towards a paperless office.

Our Solution:

We digitalized all the customer documents through our EDMS application and this is seamlessly integrated with Wipro’s Oracle based Billing system. Empower is using the application for more than 3 yrs. Lately the same application is integrated with Oracle R12 finance module which is implemented by Mahindra Satyam. Recently we have also automated the Operations & Management department work permit process with the help of our Business Process Management tool.


Now Empower has fully digitalized, automated and has seamlessly integrated two major departments with different Oracle applications, through the implementation of EDMS + BPM. Empowerachieved100%automationandmovedtoa paperless office. Clearly, EDMS implementation has led to a much better and easy transaction and a great extended transparency in all transactions.

Client: LIC International Dubai

LIC International is a 100% undertaking of LIC India. LIC international is a marketing arm of LIC India for international business.

Problem Area:

LIC was struggling to get the documents from overseas partners as and when such document references were required.


We digitalized the documents of policy holders spanning the last 25 years and implemented the EDMS +CRM for future usage. The data is integrated with TCS back office software. The documents which are submitted during the policy creation will be captured in the document section. This will eliminate the probability of the duplication of work and lead to smooth policy creation and enable future reference of the documents.

Client: Cosmos Insurance

Cosmos is one of the leading Insurance firm in Dubai with a large client base in the GCC.

Problem Area:

As we all know, the Insurance sector has a large number of critical documents and these documents have to be maintained for a longer duration.


EDMS application digitalized all their transactions and supporting documents. We did seamless integration with IRIS insurance (Oracle Based) back-office operation software.


By using seamless integration users can now upload, view and search while operating the Oracle back-office software. By implementing EDMS application Cosmos achieved total digitalization and control over each document’s movements.

Client: BRF Brazilin Foods (GCC)

BRF Brazilin Foods (GCC) is one of the biggest fast food manufacturing companies in the world and is based in Brazil. They have operations in a large number of countries.

Problem Area:

The company was facing difficulty in retrieving old invoices especially in case of any payment dispute. In GCC, BRF is generating 5000+ invoices per day. After every delivery the delivery person dispatches the invoices to the warehouse. The condition of the invoices would be quite bad as they were either folded or very light/faded innature.


Our EDMS designed a unique model for scanning and bulk uploading of these invoices to a cloud server. While uploading to the application, the system would validate invoice numbers from SAP and rename the file name with the Invoice number. This is the digitalization of outbound invoices. In the later stage we implemented the inbound invoices automatization for centralized inbound invoice process from the Dubai office.


After successful roll-out of the application, BRF awarded us the BPM (business process management) project and we implemented the awarded credit note automatization project along with the integration of SAP.

Client: Nasco / Al Wathba National Insurance CO

Our client is a Dubai based Insurance firm and has very large presence in the GCC with high-net-worth customer base.

Problem Area:

A very large number of documents essential for the policy process were scattered across branches and required centralization and automation for ease of use.

Solution and Outcome:

We automated the company’s marketing wing for more transparency and fast processing. By automating the marketing wing, our application is capturing all the documents from various branches and storing at a centralized location for further process. Since we have enabled the capturing of the data from the very beginning, that is, from the enquiry level, hence lot of duplication of work will be avoided and will lead to a smooth process. Our system triggers various types of notifications automatically on a task or a change of task. Since medical insurance is mandatory in the UAE, the volume in medical insurance group policy is very large. To start any policy process, system defined some mandatory documents, without these documents process will not be saved and so users are forced to upload the correct documents from the beginning. This will eradicate lots of missing document issues while creating any policy. To give more accuracy to the information, we did use the OCR engine to validate the document authenticity. As a part of the implementation process, we successfully integrated with the back-office operation software from Policy creation and Invoices. All documents are now saved in a central location which is accessible as per the user’s privilege.